Automatic Bitcome System Overview
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Bitcoin and the technology behind it has revolutionized the way businesses around the world accept payment for their services.

The best thing about the Bitcoin technology is the fact that anyone from anywhere can instantly use and accept with zero limitations.

It has broken down the barriers of international commerce between people in different countries.

It's made sending money across the world instantly & reliably as easy as pie!

In the short period of time since it's creation it has already become a universal method of exchanging value the same way gold has been for centuries.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can now send money inexpensively and INSTANTLY.

Internet businesses everywhere are now experiencing a substantial increase in profits and sales just for adding Bitcoin as a payment method!

This is great but you may be asking yourself "That's GREAT! How Does This Help Me?"

Some of Bitcoin's greatest benefits and features can also cause the most headaches for businesses that choose to accept it.

One of the reason Bitcoin is great is because there are zero regulatory barriers to cross when opening accounts and creating transactions.

This combined with multiple other factors has caused a instability in the price or value Bitcoin.

In short, the price of Bitcoin can change by the minute.

This is bad for some businesses who wish to accept payment for their services in Bitcoin but need to be able to use that Bitcoin to pay for the cost of providing that service.

Imagine, Jim from Asia orders a custom made gold bracelet from a e-Commerce store with Bitcoin when the Price of Bitcoin is $3,000. The store then proceeds in fulfilling the order which means buying the gold, paying a professional to make the bracelet, and then shipping the bracelet to Jim. This process typically takes between 2-3 days. In the meantime, the store had to hold on to the Bitcoin because the price had dropped to $2,500 overnight before they could exchange it for regular currency.

Do You See The Problem?

Where does the store get the money to pay for their expenses?

Some businesses can reach into their reserves and wait it out. Some can even pay some of their expenses with Bitcoin itself.

This becomes an even bigger problem when a business is dealing with millions of dollars in sales.


In order to solve this problem, we developed a solution that is a win win for all involved.

Our business provide's short term private bridge loans to businesses at various interest rates that need cash fast.

These loans provide the businesses the cash they need immediately and typically last between 1 Day to 3 Months. They are secured by the Bitcoin and other assets that the business possesses so it's very little risk on our part.

"Sounds GREAT! How do I benefit from this?"

The demand for our services is so great that we are struggling to fund all of the loans we are receiving requests for! We need more capital!

This is where you come in and help us. In exchange, you'll receive 75% of the profit that we receive for providing us with the capital necessary to fund the loans!

It's super simple to get started....

You choose how much you wish to deposit and earn an income on. You can get started with as little as $3.50 and there is no maximum!

We'll pay you a total of 5% of your deposit each day. This 5% profit we pay you is divided up into 24 individual hourly payouts for a total of 60 days.

This means you get paid by the hour, every hour completely automatically.

Profit's are made available for your INSTANT withdrawal directly to your preferred cryptocurrency.

Start Making Money In Less Than 5 Minutes From Now

That's not the only way you can make money with us either.....

You can make virtually unlimited income with our incredibly profitable multi level referral program.

When you refer someone to our system, you'll receive 8% commission of their new deposits for their lifetime. You'll also earn an additional 2% of their referrals deposits for life!

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